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Explore Accounting & Tax Services for Georgia's Film and Media Industry

The film and media industry is a specialized niche that comes with its own unique set of tax and accounting challenges. If you work in the production industry, either as an independent contractor or permanent part of a studio, you need dependable accounting and bookkeeping services that allow you to focus on your craft, while the tax compliance and budget issues are handled by a professional.

At Ahart & Cardon CPAs we are production accounting specialists in Fayetteville with specialized knowledge to assist the film and media industry. No matter how complicated your production-based tax or accounting needs may be, our financial professionals are here to help.

Production Accounting for the Film and Media Industry

We help you maintain accurate financial records and reports during the production of your entertainment venture, whether that’s a live stage event, television production, film, or any large-scale project. Proper accounting and bookkeeping practices during are essential for production, as any investors will need clear documentation to verify cash flow and to ensure that your project is properly funded. Our production accounting and bookkeeping services include:

Budget Management - With any big project, it’s easy to get in over your head, or to lose sight of your budget when working to complete a vision. With help from our Fayetteville production accounting firm, you get access to an experienced financial professional who can create and help you stay within your budget. We help you intelligently manage the money spent in any production.

Finding and Applying Tax Credits – Our specialized knowledge for people in the entertainment industry allows us to find, and properly utilize, any available credits or deductions for your production. We are tax compliance specialists and can ensure that all of your financial information is accurately applied for a tax efficient tax return. When necessary, we can work with any in-house accountants to ensure that all financial transactions are clearly and transparently documented. 

Tax and Accounting for Subcontractors and the Self-Employed

If you’ve recently moved to a new area to participate in a media production project, our individual accounting and tax services are built to help you file 1099 forms, maximize tax credits, and avoid pitfalls or over or underpaying taxes. We work with local artists and production crew members who earn income on a project basis and need specialized accounting attention. 

Our accounting services are available to anyone in the industry who needs to save money, make sense of financial transactions, and efficiently file tax documentation.

Production Assistance and Entertainment Accounting across Georgia

For more information about what our entertainment accountant can for the financial needs of your production, or for individual subcontractor tax credits, contact Ahart & Cardon CPAs today for your consultation.