Sales Tax Compliance

Filing and remitting sales tax returns is a time consuming and budget draining activity. Now you can have a professional accounting team file your returns for you. We’ll get the report ready and help you prepare for the cash payment that’s due.

Due to the rise of internet sales, the tax laws are changing and are requiring more small businesses to file sales tax returns in states all around the country. A company no longer must have a physical presence in a state to have a sales tax requirement. For example, beginning on January 1, 2019, any business who sells over $250,000 to customers in Georgia or has over 200 separate sales transactions to Georgia customers per year are required to file a Georgia sales tax return. Many states all around the country are adopting similar rules! The Federal ruling in the case with South Dakota required only $100,000 instead of $250,000 in addition to the 200 transactions rule.

You may be worried about to whom you are required to file a sales tax return and how to go about doing so. There is no reason to fear – we are here to help! Our team will gladly determine which sales tax returns need to be filed and file the sales tax returns for you. Depending on your needs, we can file sales tax returns for you on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Our bookkeepers are well-trained on filing sales tax returns and are happy to take the burden off you. 

We can also research and provice answers to sales & use tax issues as they come up and defend your sales tax returns in case of audits from various tax jurisdictions throughout the US.

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